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About Made

Bringing together the stories of women discovering who they were MADE to be, what they were MADE to do, what they are MADE for and what they are MADE of.

Made Gatherings

Made is a community of women who are passionate about creating a brave space to share their unique experiences and perspectives. Made Gatherings are held once every season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). At each Made Gathering, panelists are invited to share their own personal stories and journeys.

Made Gatherings are held at Refuge Coffee Co. in Clarkston, GA (The most diverse square mile in the US.). Tickets are limited to 75 people for our Gatherings. An amazing array of desserts is provided. Coffee, tea, chai, etc are all available to purchase from the Refuge Truck.

Made is committed to having a diverse panel for each of our Gatherings. We want to hear from women regardless of age, religion, race, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, and political affiliations. If you know someone that would be a good fit for one of our panels, please contact

Made Meetups

Made Meetups are small and intimate and center around coffee and conversation. Once a month we gather at Refuge Coffee Co. with the hopes of building a deeper and stronger community. We explore topics in a way that gives everyone a chance to be seen and heard.

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